Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer hair care


                                                                      Hey guys,

As it's the summer, and if you are living in England you will know it's hotter than usual, which is why I want to share with you some products on keeping your hair protected from the sun.
The UV rays in the sun can really damage your hair, not to mention burn your scalp. (trust me I know).

Firstly I was drawn to the ORGANIX shampoo and conditioner. Doesn't the packaging look so good, in all honesty this was half the reason I picked them up. However they work so well on my hair, its left feeling so soft. They have argan and macadamia oil in, which is great for nourishing dry or damaged hair.

The Lee Stafford moisture injection conditioner is amazing especially to add extra nourishment to your hair in between washes. It's a little more pricey at £8.99 but I love it, I would definitely re purchase. 

The final two products are both from Mark hill, the first is from his holiday hair collection, which is specifically designed to protect your hair against the sun. You just spritz this on to your hair and scalp and it protects your hair from drying out and your scalp from burning. 
Finally I have been using Mark hills defrizz-ilicious anti humidity spray. Which if you watch the video you will quickly realise I cannot successfully say the word defrizz-ilicious (how embarrassing!) This one is great, if you are like me and are prone to frizzy hair, I always find its worse in humid conditions. A few sprays of this and you will be left with controllable and frizz free hair. What more could you ask for. 

If you haven't noticed I'm new to youtube, so its a totally new learning curve, but hopefully I will get the hang of it. I hope you enjoy the video, if you also have youtube I would love to know what your pages are, so I can take a look. 

Jess x


  1. The Argon oil is so good for the hair, I use it aswell but just in a different brand x
    Jess x x

  2. The Organix products seems to be really good. It immediately went to my shopping list. Xx

  3. I really love organix products! Works perfect for me:)


  4. I love ORGANIX! That conditioner is so lovely x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. Nice Post :-)


  6. I love the Organix range as well I have one of their hair oils as well as the shampoo and conditioner and it literally just works wonders on my over-loved hair. Definitely wouldn't mind giving Lee Stafford products a go too. Great Summery post :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  7. Great video! I need to update my hair care, it's quite damaged as I bleached the ends ://

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  8. so so glad i came across this post! I have so much hair so its so important to find the right products for it so thank you so much for writing this so beautifully! lots of love xx
    Smiling Soph


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