Tuesday, 13 October 2015

reminiscing over Portugal

This summer I travelled 1200km around Portugal, my first experience of travelling, living in hostels and meeting such a variety of people and you know what, I loved it. I cannot wait to travel to other countries, it made me realise how beautiful the world is and I want to see way more of it.

Flying from London to Porto we picked up the cutest fiat 500 (we named her Fiona) and headed on our journey. The whole of Portugal was covered in beautiful buildings, I love nothing more than photographing buildings. A lot of buildings as you can see in my photos are covered in beautiful blue tiles, which was originally associated with wealth. 

We then headed to Aveiro, Figueria da Foz, Coimbra, Nazare, Lagos, Sagres and flying back to London from Lisbon.

Lagos I spent my life sunbathing on beautiful beaches and Sagres we went to the 'end of the world' point and watched the most beautiful sunset I have ever witnessed. Coimbra we went to what I could only call a Harry Potter style university. Talking of Harry Potter, we visited the book shop which inspired J.K Rowling, and it was incredible. The ceiling was covered in the most amazing glass work I have ever seen.
I wouldn't even hesitate in going back to Portugal, plus I loved the heat that went along with it. 

Jess x