Thursday, 15 March 2012

A scent of cinnamon

I am a huge fan of candles, I think alot of people are really. The scent it leaves and watching the flame is so relaxing, or is that just me?
There is a particular brand which I have been accustomed to, and lets say, very obsessed with. That is, the Yankee Candle. My mum originally bought one for the house a few Christmases ago, and since then I have fallen in love with them, I am forever burning one in my bedroom, I think it gives a really warm and welcoming feel to any room.

I cannot get enough of this scent, seriously.

I'm going to be sad when this particular one burns out, because they aren't always very cheap. Where I live is a card store, but because it is a factory outlet all items are sold at least 50% cheaper than the high street stores, so I was very lucky to find they stock Yankee candles. I was a happy Jess.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012


As I am an A -level student in my second year, I am always fairly busy, I come home to study and don't have much time for myself. Not to mention the mornings, I'm a fairly early riser, but trying to get up for college is just a no go, my body clock tries to keep me in bed as long as possible... what does this mean?

It means that I am rushing around like a crazy girl in the mornings, I never learn, Mum always tells me I ought to prepare everything I need the night before, but I get sidetracked, obviously reading all your wonderful blogs. 

Due to my lack of early morning organisation my make up routine is very ermm lacking, there is no time for beautiful eyes, I just make myself look presentable. 

MAC Pro longwear foundation
Mac pro longwear concealer 
Cocoa butter Vasaline
Number 7 brow pencil in Brown
Rimmel lash accelerator Mascara
Rimmel soft kohl eye pencil in black
Natural collection blush (need to find something far better)

And that is my usual college day make up, something quick and easy, but more importantly something that I feel gives me enough coverage to feel comfortable with, as I get awful dark circles around my eyes, which I'm yet to find a product that really helps with this. 

Jess x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Inexpensive nail polish?

As many of you are already aware, nail varnish can be very pricey, especially those in the more interesting or beautiful colours. I have an awful habit of painting my nails every 2-3 days, although that isn't something I'd advise because it can really damage the enamel on your nails. (Make sure if you do apply colour to your nails, you use a base coat first - I use Sally Hansen as hard as nails)
I've been searching the high street for an inexpensive nail polish for a while, and I came across one from Collection 2000, which I happened to find in Morrisons, but I believe Collection 2000 is in Superdrug and boots as well.

32 BMX Bandit


Collection 2000 and I believe it was £1.75

I think this gives a nice blue tone to your nails, its just the right colour for me, not to over powering.
However, on the downside, because of the cheap quality of the product, I have noticed it doesn't really stay on for very long, and is easily chipped, which is a shame, because this colour is almost identical to some of the more expensive brands on the market, but I do feel you don't get much out of this product. Never the less I shall use it again. I don't like to waste anything :)