Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hectic Schedule

My google reader is currently full of unread blogs, in which I need to catch up on, not always need; I want to catch up on, I just do not have time.
My first exam starts in under two weeks time, so whilst I spend the majority of my time in a state of panic, the other time I need to devote to some flat out revision. Whilst this may be good, I suppose, for my grades, its not good for my blog. Poor little thing is being somewhat neglected, which I feel guilty about. I am overwhelmed by the comments I have received to this day on my other posts, and I am thankful for every single one of my followers. As soon as my exams are over, I will be able to post more frequently, as well as reading and commenting on some of my favourite bloggers. I hope you are all able to understand, as exam periods are incredibly stressful.
For now, I shall leave you with a few photographs of my life this past week, or so.

I've dedicated to my floral dress, and ankle boots. (which have  needed re-healing 4 times now)

I spent Friday evening at the beach with my friends. 

My dog modelling his very own daisy headband

I managed to grab a very much needed coffee fix yesterday

Again my dress, makes quite an appearance, ey?

Wearing my natural collection lipstick, in Cranberry

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sugar Lips

Over the weekend, I caught the train into the city, one which I live closest to, in order to meet one of my best friends. We had a wonderful day, the weather was amazing, we sat down for lunch and talked, it was so lovely to catch up with her. Its sad that a lot of my friends don't live in close proximity to me, although she is only a one hour train ride, it feels like millions of miles away, especially in times of need.
Anyway, as I was in the area, I thought I would take advantage of the larger beauty stores, although I didn't buy an awful lot, just some dry shampoo, in coconut scent, because of course I like my hair to smell tropical. I also purchased a new paddle hair brush as mine accidentally fell down the toilet, as a result I had resorted to some very old, awful hairbrush that practically got lost in my hair multiple times. So I felt it was necessary to invest again in a brand new paddle brush. (If you have thick hair like I do, I would highly recommend these brushes, which you can find here.

As I was walking around the store, I noticed how much I miss out on such a large variety of make-up, although, perhaps it is a good thing, it means my bank has more money.
I came across MUA sugar lips, which is a tinted lip balm, there were I believe 3 colours to choose from, but being the typical girl I am, I zoned into the pretty light pink colour.

They are named according to the Love heart sweets which you can buy, if you aren't familiar with them, you can see what I mean here.
Not only are they slightly tinted, they are a soft vanilla scent too them, which makes them perfect, nothing too over powering.

Its the type of product you can pull out of your handbag and feel good about applying, the cost is only £2 yet it does not feel cheap on the lips at all, its very light, but not at all sticky. You also get 10g worth of product, which for the price, I feel is fantastic.

 My lips with the lip balm applied

My lips with no product.

Have any of you tried the Love hearts lip balm by MUA? If so, what do you think?
I am procrastinating, and must get back to some revision, I hope you all are having a lovely evening. X

Friday, 4 May 2012

Releasing my inner child

I often wish I were still a child, who could get away with anything, who could be easily amused at the slightest of things, and who didn't have a care in the world. Oh how wonderful it would be to bring those days back. Now my life consists of exams, deadlines, work, money. When you are young, you never realise these things will matter, or that you will worry about them, but alas it happens to us all, and we are forever plagued by such boring things, that adult life brings.

Today I became a child again, and wore a Disney tee-shirt. I loved every minute of it. Of course to accompany my childhood top, I wore my new shimmery shirt, from Topshop .

Now all I need is ice-cream and sprinkles to end my day of childhood.

One of my best friends has surprised me, and is travelling down to stay for a few days, which I am extremely excited and grateful about. There are circumstances that happen in life, when all you need is a huge cuddle from a wonderful friend.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sunshine in May

This year is flying by. I wake up to realise it is May already, and I somehow I have no idea where my time has gone. I have nothing to show for 2012, as of yet. I realise I put alot of pressure onto myself to achieve, often unrealistic targets, in a limited time frame, and when I'm faced with the fact I have yet to meet any, I begin to panic.
Although more recently I'm learning to accept there are more important things to life.

My targets for May:

- Take more photos
- Appreciate the smaller things in life
- Revise

I think these are a few realistic goals that I wish to achieve, I got this idea from Paperbagblog and I think its great, I hope it keeps me on some even path. Whilst the sun shines in May, and makes most people very happy, its not had that affect on me, and I'm doing my best to stay focus on the important things I have coming up. (exams) My beloved Grandma sadly passed away on Sunday, so inevitably my life has taken somewhat of a 360 turn.
My head is away with the fairy's, at the moment. I shall force myself to get back on track for the ever looming exam period.