Saturday, 23 June 2012

ELF products

Its come to the end. I finally sat my last A-level exam,last week. I've never really experienced such happiness to finish exams, probably because every other time, I know I have to go back to college and learn new things, and take yet more exams. However, these were the very last ones.
I've spent the whole morning cleaning, and re-arranging my bedroom, exams take over the simplest of tasks.

Last weekend, I found myself pondering on the ELF website (Eyes Lips Face) I've never actually bought anything from them before, purely because I like to get a feel for the make-up and brush quality in person, however I had heard excellent things about some products, so I thought for the cheap prices, I was going to give it a go. I took advantage of their free delivery that weekend as well. Do be sure to sign up to their mailing list, as they send out regular offers on products.

It arrived!! With careful packaging, so not to damage any of the products

I have never been happier with products that are so cheap, I often associate cheap products with the not so good products, but I cannot apply that to ELF, in fact I could not be happier, especially with the brushes.

 This is the eyeshadow brush, from ELFS studio range, which you can find here. You are able to use this on either wet or dry products aswell, its Taklon bristles so its very soft and gentle on your eyes. This is a cruelty free product aswell, only costing £3.75, I mean what an absolute bargain.

 I have absolutely fallen in love with this brush. (if that's at all possible) Again the blending brush is cruelty free and Taklon bristles, its super soft. Online I got the impression the bristles wouldn't be particularly soft,I'm unsure why, but perhaps because it was only online you can't get a true perception of how it will be. This brush is from ELF's mineral range, and comes in again at such a cheap price of only £5.50.
The blending brush is specifically designed in order to blend harsh eyeshadow lines out, to create a softer look, but also for that perfect 'smokey eye' I genuinely don't know how I have coped without this brush, its amazing.

Next, as I ordered during a weekend of free delivery, there was a promotion for a free eyeshadow, unfortunately you couldn't select the colour, however I was so happy to see it was a really subtle neutral colour, as I have been after one for a while now, and even better it was free.  This colour is Wild Wheat, which I have been using as a base. I like this product, I wish it was slightly more pigmented though. I was impressed it came with a cute little mirror though. This eye shadow is from the studio range, you can find here , where you can also choose from a range of other colours as well.

Last of all (not for long probably), is the Elf Eye Brightener this claims to 'perk up tired eyes and diminish those dark shadows' If you didn't know already I hate my dark circles under my eyes, and I'm forever being drawn into products that claim to help reduce them, in most instances they never really work. However this actually helps so much, I apply it lightly with my bamboo elf blending brush in the outer and inner corners of my eyes. I feel confident enough to not apply much concealer afterwards. I actually love this product, although its hard to get out, because its a loose mineral, a little goes a long way, and you end up getting too much on your brush, well I certainly do anyway. I have even used it to cover up any redness I get around my nose, which does the trick perfectly, especially when you want a very natural look, as its so light on your skin, you wouldn't notice there are even any products on there.

It feels so good to finally be able to write a blog post, now exams are over.
What do you think of the ELF products, or have you tried any of the products featured in this post?