Friday, 21 March 2014

Life of late

Is it just me, or does anyone else find that sometimes all things in life, make you feel so busy and rushed off your feet? I feel like this a lot recently, however my year at university is nearing an end, until September, although I have exams to battle through first. Oh the joys!

I thought i'd give you a little update of what I have been getting up to, until my next post.

This photo from snapchat does not do the weather justice, but I was driving home to Devon for the week to spend time with my family, and it felt so good to have such wonderful weather, I can finally go to the beach without being drenched in rain. 

You guys are probably going to think this photo is really weird, but it has taken me up until yesterday to update my phone to the new I0S 7. Oopsie! It is amazing though, I feel like I have a brand new phone, which isn't really great for my battery life though. 

Its so wonderful to take some chilled out time for myself in my family home, away from the stresses of university and living in busy London. I enjoyed my breakfast, reading the new River Island magazine, which by the way they have some great pieces in for spring/summer. I was highly impressed. 

I'm currently embracing my natural hair, its no way near as curly as it ever used to be, thanks to years of straightening it. However I should take more care of my hair and learn that going natural is fabulous.

Take care, Jess x