Tuesday, 29 July 2014

5 favourite blushes

Hey Guys, 

Today I thought I would share with you 5 of my favourite blush colours. I always wear blusher, I just think it looks lovely adding a little tint to your cheeks to give you that healthy glow. (Everyone wants that look right).

1. Deep Throat: This was my very first NARS blusher, with its interesting name this blush is a beautiful pink tone, you don't need to apply much as the pigmentation is excellent, and it gives you a lovely rosy look.

2. Sea Me, Hear Me: This blush is part of MAC's limited edition aqua range. (The packaging is amazing, it comes in this beautiful teal colour and has sheer water droplets. I bought this more for the winter really, its a much heavier and rich pink, although for me its too strong for the summer, I cannot wait to use this in the cold winter months to infuse some colour into my cheeks.

3. Gina: This is a beautiful peachy nude toned blush, which I absolutely love, it gives a wonderful natural effect on the skin, with only a light touch to the cheeks. This is possibly one of my all time favourites, I wear it a lot, its especially nice when you have a rich lip colour on.

4. Gerbera: This is a cream blush by Stila. Can I just say how much I love cream blush, oh my gosh, for those summer days, it leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh faced, which is definitely my go to right now. Again this is more of a peachy tone, slightly darker than Gina. I literally just apply this with my finger, you find that you really do not need much at all in order to give a lovely healthy glow.

5. Ring of Saturn: This sounds terrifying really if you ask me. I think the name says it all, its a much darker colour than the rest of these blushes, but what I love about it, is that it has a very light baby pink tone entwined into the dark crimson, this definitely helps to give a wonderful highlight to the cheek bones.

What are your favourite blushes? Do you prefer powder or cream blushes? 

Jess x