Friday, 4 May 2012

Releasing my inner child

I often wish I were still a child, who could get away with anything, who could be easily amused at the slightest of things, and who didn't have a care in the world. Oh how wonderful it would be to bring those days back. Now my life consists of exams, deadlines, work, money. When you are young, you never realise these things will matter, or that you will worry about them, but alas it happens to us all, and we are forever plagued by such boring things, that adult life brings.

Today I became a child again, and wore a Disney tee-shirt. I loved every minute of it. Of course to accompany my childhood top, I wore my new shimmery shirt, from Topshop .

Now all I need is ice-cream and sprinkles to end my day of childhood.

One of my best friends has surprised me, and is travelling down to stay for a few days, which I am extremely excited and grateful about. There are circumstances that happen in life, when all you need is a huge cuddle from a wonderful friend.


  1. Disney tee paired with a sparkly skirt just makes me immediately happy!! X

  2. Love the skirt and the top reminds me of pyjamas I had as a child, which makes me smile:)
    Great blog. Followed!


  3. Hey jess!!
    Thanks for commenting, of course i remember you... i was wondering what happened to you, but so many blogs chop and change its hard to keep up!!
    How are things with you lovely? what are you upto these days?
    Loving the disney tee by the way.. i have a tee that says "hug me not a tree" on it that always makes me smile when i wear it. youve gotta love being a big kid (and getting hugs for free :-p)

  4. Cute outfit! Love the skirt :) x

  5. I often feel like that too - there are perks of being an adult though! I love youre outfit though! x

  6. i lovee ur skirt, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon :)

    (open to all)

  7. Jess you are adorable. Like really, and I loove that Minnie Mouse shirt. So cute. Wasn't childhood magical? I miss it :( but there are upsides of growing up too I suppose.

  8. such a sweet sweet outfit! Love this shirt :) xx


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