Friday, 1 August 2014

Going colour crazy

Hey guys, 

So I thought I would step into the unknown and dye my hair. I can't say its permanent though. Instead I thought I would give hair chalk a go. I bought a range on colours from Urban Outfitters, which you can get in store. (unfortunately they are sold out online).

I cannot say it was the easiest of applications to get onto my hair, there was ALOT of mess. When I say alot I really do mean it. My sink became a beautiful lilic colour, whilst the wall tiles became a wonderful speckled pattern. (I kid you not!). However after much cleaning up, I have to say I love it. This would be so perfect for festivals, to liven things up a little. Not to mention hair chalks wash out so so easily, so its perfect if you really don't want the commitment.

My top tips for putting the chalk on your hair (especially if it's long hair you have)

- Make sure your hair is wet, but not dripping wet
- Comb it through so there are no knots
- Run the chalk through in sections, start with small underneath layers first
- Focus on the ends of your hair, which will give it an ombré look, if thats what you wish for. 
- Clean up before anyone suspects any sort of colour explosion happened in the bathroom.
I've never had a crazy colour in my hair before, and I absolutely love it, I think i'm going to experiment with some more colours as well. 

If you use hair chalks, or have dyed your hair a wonderful colour, then tweet me your photos, I would love to see. @jessicalaar

Love Jess x


  1. Love your hair <33

  2. This color suits you perfectly! Looks lovely! -- Lindsey xx

  3. You look so stunning and gorgeous honey. Love it! ♥

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  4. Your pictures are lovely! I have never dyed my hair in my life, but as long as the chalk doesn't damage it, I might just give it a go! x


  5. Awesome! Iv tried the pink hair chalk also - took me forever as I did it in dry hair! Thanks for the tip of wet hair, I must try again now :)

    1. Ah yes, try it on wet hair, its so much easier. Glad my post helped you. X

  6. Awesome ;D

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  7. You look gorgeous with your new hair! I think all the mess is worth it. Xx

  8. Love your hair! Just found your blog and really like it :)
    would love if you could check out mine x

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  9. I've always wanted to try hair chalk before, I can imagine it being super messy!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  10. omg you look wonderful <3

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  11. Wow, that colour really suits you. Don't think I'd ever be brave enough to dye my hair though! x

  12. This looks awesome, it really suits you! :D

    Style Sunrise ☀


  13. I think my hair is too dark for hair chalk! Looks amazing on you though, it looks like a proper dye! x

    Josie’s Journal

  14. I love it! Your hair looks awesome!

  15. I want to dye my hair pink SOO bad but too scared haha! Looks so great on you <3 xx

  16. Looks really coolm very festival chic!

  17. I'm so jealous. I want to try chalk hair dying, but I don't think it'd show up at all on my black hair.


  18. I've never dyed my hair so this is the perfect temporary solution for me! :) It looks so lovely in your hair!
    emmerliejay x

  19. Ahhh this looks so good!


  20. your hair looks wonderful!

    from helen at

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  21. amazing colour! I would love to try, but I have too dark hair.

  22. You are totally pulling off that color! I really need to be more daring with my hair!
    xo TJ

  23. I love your hair so much! Everyone and their mother is doing pastel lilac still (which honestly still looks cute as heck also, its just too popular). This is a great change!

    x0x0 kalesx0

  24. I've also tried the hair chalk from urban outfitters before and I totally agree that it make such a mess! The color stays a long time so I really like it, especially the pink :)

  25. I LOVE it, it's such a perfect amount of punk. Like not too over the top hot pink but enough to be fun and attention grabbing. I seriously love it, that soft pink is such a pretty color and suits you well. How long did it last?


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