Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunshine and foundation brushes

I find it almost hard to believe that it is just the beginning of April, especially when I'm sat outside in my garden, wearing practically next to nothing, and I have lovely warm sun rays beaming down onto me. This isn't normal English weather, not that I am complaining though, because I have had a really enjoyable week, even studying is 'fun' when you are sat out in the sun, and I'm more than convinced that the sun brings you happiness.

Anyway... for over a year, I have been applying my foundation with a flat No. 7 brush, and with my Clinique even better foundation, I found that this method worked perfectly fine, however more recently I decided to switch up my foundation a little, and I have now begun using the MAC pro longwear in shade NC20, the consistency I find in comparison to the Clinique is alot thicker and more matte. This is where my problem started, by simply applying the MAC foundation to my face with a flat brush, I found it just wasn't spreading evenly, and was very thick on my face. What did I do?

Well I went and bought a new amazing brush, and I'm not just saying it is amazing, I actually think it is, I love it, and it leaves my skin looking flawless.

This is the real techniques brush, created by Samantha Chapman, who actually has a really good youtube called pixiwoo which she creates make-up tutorials with her sister, they are really good, so go check them out. Any way, I bought this stippling brush, purely because I saw it in boots and it is alot cheaper than any of the MAC brushes (I like to save money). You can buy them online from real techniques, or a range of other stores which are listed on their website at 

This brush has a perfect base, so you can actually stand it up, which is fantastic to ensure the bristles(the bristles are taklon, so they are super soft, and they are also 100% synthetic, meaning they are cruelty free) don't get squashed and for hygienic reasons as well.
The box it comes in quotes that "Creates airbrushed, high definition results with all types of make up" And that's exactly what it does, it makes blending your foundation into the skin, so easy and effortless, and you are able to build up your foundation, without getting that cakey feeling.
Until I tried this brush, I had no idea how much difference a type of brush could make when applying your foundation, but I can safely say that I wouldn't be able to live without my stippling brush now.

Real techniques, by Samantha Chapman

Does anyone else use this stippling brush? If so, how do you find it?

♥ Jess


  1. i woul like to try it!

  2. i also would really like to try it <3

    Great blog <3


  3. Lovely blog! I would like to invite you to me. Let's fallow each other =]

  4. Really need to try this brush, heard so many great things! xx

  5. thanks to your post I will be buying this brush!! hope it does the job for me too :) thanks for sharing x

    1. I hope you like this as much as I do :)


  6. lovely blog:)

    myybe you want to visit my blog too? would be so nice to hear from you! <3

  7. think i'm going to have to try out this brush!

    Thankyou for the comment on my blog,

  8. I got this today, so excited to try it out!xx

  9. I bought this a while ago and its quickly become one of my favourite brushes for foundation. Defintely worth the money


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